Make your study time productive and enjoyable 

  • Proven learning techniques make your study efforts more effective
  • Thoughtful design makes the flashcard software easy to use
  • Text-to-speech and mp3s you create let you listen to learn
  • Microlearning to take advantage of short learning opportunities
  • Mobile learning lets you study anywhere, anytime you choose

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Make your study efforts more effective

Proven built-in learning techniques

For over 180 years, flashcards have been a successful learning tool based on the proven mental learning exercise of active recall.

SpeakToYourMind combines time-tested flashcards with these proven learning techniques:

  • Active recall - Presents a question and challenges you to retrieve the answer
  • Confidence based learning - Accurately identifies what you actually know
  • Sensory learning - Visual, auditory, and kinesthetic senses
  • Practice testing - Simulates an actual test

 Learn more about Learning Techniques >

Speaktoyourmind uses Targeted learning techniques for successful memorization of your flashcards

Easy-to-use flashcard app 

Thoughtful design

SpeakToYourMind is designed to be simple and easy to use.

The simple user interface includes glanceable information, color coding,  swift navigation, and other beneficial design features.

It's easy to study and learn your content. 

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Learn by listening

Text-to-speech and mp3s

People learn in different ways. Using speech capabilities built into Windows, SpeakToYourMind lets you listen to your flashcards, adding a whole new set of engaging learning dimensions to studying.

Also, you can easily create your own custom mp3s to listen to your flashcards anywhere, anytime on your favorite mp3 player. You can even automatically add your mp3s to iTunes®.

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study your flashcards by listening using your laptop or mp3 player.

Student using SpeakToYourMind to take advantage of a microlearning opportunity


Learn small amounts of content
in short amounts of time

With SpeakToYourMind, you can quickly and easily study your content. Even if you only have a couple of minutes, you can review a few flashcards in a study module or take a short random test.

Turn moments of your day such as waiting in line for a cup of coffee, in between innings at the ball game, or getting some exercise, into productive study opportunities by listening to your flashcard mp3s.

Learn more about Microlearning >

Mobile Learning

Anywhere. Anytime.

Create mp3s of the content you want to study and load them onto your mp3 player. You're ready to go mobile.

The flexibility of studying on-the-go lets you choose a variety of places and times for learning your flashcards. And it's fun!

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studying while having fun

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