Video: Adding a New Term to the Library

This video demonstrates how quick and easy it is to add a new term to the library in the SpeakToYourMind Flashcard App.

Video Transcription

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Today in this video I’ll demonstrate how quick and easy it is to add a new term to your library.

As you can see, I have already opened the program to the home screen, which is where we need to be.

On the left side is the navigator which contains the library. The library is an organized collection of your content arranged into a color-coded outline of 3 levels called terms, courses, and decks.

As you enter your content, SpeakToYourMind automatically builds this outline to keep you organized.

When we add the term to the library it will be color coded orange.

A term typically represents a period of time. For example a semester or quarter in school, or perhaps a time of year. You can call it whatever you like.

Add a New Term to the Library

Let’s go ahead and create a new term.  

I start by highlighting the library entry in the contents section of the navigator pane.

When I do, the options pane displays the library menu items over here on the right.  

Click on the add a new term to the library button .  We’ll go ahead and enter our new term name. Let’s call it Spring Term 2017.  

We save our new term simply by clicking the save button.

Help Screen

But before I do, remember that help is always available simply by pressing the F1 key.

OK, let’s save that term.

Our new term is saved and automatically added to the library. The new term is also highlighted in our library on the left side of the screen, ready to have courses added to it.  

Edit This Term

The term name can be changed at anytime. Just click on the Edit this term button.

There you have it, you have seen how quick and easy it is to add a new term to your library.  

As I finish I want to remind you of our no obligation 14-day free trial

Try the app yourself and experience just how effective it can be helping you memorize your flashcards, and why we feel it is the best flashcard app for Windows 10. 

From all of us here at SpeakToYourMind, good luck with your studies, and thanks for watching.