Digital Learning Day is February 28th!

What Happens on Digital Learning Day 2019?

February 28th is a day for everyone to actively spread the word about the latest and greatest ways technology is enhancing educational experiences. People everywhere will be sharing real-life examples of how technology of all kinds is being put to use to positively transform learning experiences for students and educators alike.

find out how digital tools are making learning experiences better for students

find out how digital tools are making learning experiences better for students

What is Digital Learning?

It’s simply any instructional practice that effectively uses technology to strengthen a student’s learning experience. Digital devices, educational software, mobile apps, online courses … these are just a few of the excellent technology tools enabling students to enjoy more engaging learning experiences.

Join Us in the Digital Learning Day Celebration!

Here at SpeakToYourMind, we’re very proud our digital flashcard software is helping students achieve their educational goals every day!

Students of all ages love creating their own digital Q&A flashcards and then learning those flashcards during quiet-time study sessions at their computer or listening to the flashcards on their favorite mp3 player during on-the-go study moments throughout the day.

If you have a useful technology tool to share with others or just want to learn more about how others are using technology tools to further education for all, please join the celebration on February 28th.

Be a part of Digital Learning Day’s goal to engage students and empower educators through the effective use of digital tools.