Are you facing a dilemma?

Memorize flashcards by listening to an mp3 at a baseball game.

The weekend is coming up and you need to study for the big test on Monday. In fact, you want to study. You’re motivated to ace this test. That’s not the problem.
The problem is your best friend is in town for the weekend and has two tickets for the baseball game. And wouldn’t you know it? The seats are great, right behind home plate.
You’re facing a classic dilemma! 

You want to go, but you also want to study. You weigh your two choices.

  1. Should you stay home, study, and feel good about working on your goals, but feel bad about missing the ballgame?
  2. Should you skip studying, go to the ballgame, and try to enjoy yourself, the entire time feeling guilty about being untrue to your goals and risking all of your hard work so far?

It’s a classic dilemma – a situation where you have to make a difficult choice between two or more alternatives. What choice will you make?

Now SpeakToYourMind offers you a third choice that lets you study AND go to the ballgame at the same time. Go Mobile! Here’s the simple solution to your dilemma.

Before leaving for the ballgame, decide which flashcards you need to study. Create your custom mp3’s and load them onto your favorite mp3 player. Now you’re fully prepared to go to the ballgame because you’re going mobile with your studying.

As you travel to and from the ballgame, while you’re waiting for your best friend to arrive at the gate, in between innings, when your friend disappears for a few minutes to go buy a hot dog … you take advantage of these short amounts of time here and there to listen to your flashcards.

Your custom mp3 creates a private study session between the mp3 player and your ears. No one else at the ballgame even needs to know you’re getting yourself fully prepared for Monday’s test!

We all face daily dilemmas about choosing between something we know we should do vs. something we would like to do. SpeakToYourMind helps solves your dilemmas by letting you do what you need to do, while still doing what you want to do.

Do you have a dilemma coming up? Listen and learn your flashcards using SpeakToYourMind’s study on-the-go mp3 capabilities. It just may be the answer to your next dilemma!