Happy Digital Learning Day 2018!

Listen Now! 6 Flashcards in 2 Minutes to Learn "What Is Digital Learning?"

In honor of Digital Learning Day, Microsoft® David Desktop explains what is meant by digital learning. Happy listening!

Why Celebrate Digital Learning Day?

Now in its 6th year, Digital Learning Day is a national celebration of the latest and greatest innovations in educational technology. 

Every day, amazing advances in technology are being used to create new learning opportunities for students. Digital Learning Day is a day to actively spread the word about these innovative technology practices and tools to help ensure all students have access to high-quality digital learning opportunities - no matter where they live.

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SpeakToYourMind Transforms Traditional Paper Flashcards Into Modern Digital Flashcards

We're proud our educational software uses the innovative technology of text-to-speech to let students learn their flashcards by listening to them.

Listening is a powerful learning technique. Using the speech capabilities built into Windows® 10, SpeakToYourMind lets you listen to your flashcards, adding a whole new set of engaging learning dimensions to studying.

Also, you can easily create your own custom mp3s to listen to your flashcards anywhere, anytime on your favorite mp3 player. You can even automatically add your mp3s to iTunes®.

Thanks for listening and enjoy Digital Learning Day!