Video: Library Overview

This is a short overview video about the library in SpeakToYourMind. The library is the container that stores all of your content, including your flashcards, in an organized outline.

Video Transcription

Note: Initial video introduction by Microsoft Zira Desktop, one of the text-to-speech voices included in Windows® 10.

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This video introduces you to the library and explains how your content is organized within the library.


You will find the library here in the Navigator pane on the home screen. This is the starting point for adding, editing, and deleting content to and from the library.

So what is the library?

The library is an organized collection of all of your content arranged into a color-coded structured outline of three levels called terms, courses, and decks. 

As you enter your content, SpeakToYourMind automatically builds this outline to keep your content organized.

Here are the basics about the library.

There is only one library. It is at the top of the outline, is color-coded maroon, and is the container that holds all of your content. 

Now let’s talk about the three levels contained in the library, terms, courses and decks.


At the first level, terms are added to the library. Terms are color-coded orange and typically represent a period of time like a semester in school or a time of year. Whatever works for you.


Next are courses. A course is added to a term – the period of time when you took the course. Courses are color-coded green.  A course typically represents a course or class. 


Decks are added to a course. Decks are color-coded blue. A deck represents one set of flashcards for a course.


Flashcards are added to a deck, but flashcards are not visible here in the library.

Creating Your Content

Adding, editing and deleting content in your library is easy to do. You simply select the specific library content you want to work with and then choose what you want to do in the Options pane.

And all terms, courses, and decks are named by you so it is easier for you to find your content.

Help Screen

And if you are unsure about how to do something, remember that help is always available simply by pressing the F1 key.

There you have it, a short overview of the library.  

As I finish, remember our no obligation 14-day free trial. 

Try the app yourself for free and experience just how easy it is to build an organized library of flashcards for memorizing now and as a reference in the future.   

Just another reason why we feel SpeakToYourMind is the best flashcard app for Windows 10. 

From all of us here at SpeakToYourMind, good luck with your studies and thanks for watching.