Video: Overview

This overview video is a quick tour of the SpeakToYourMind Flashcard App highlighting some of the features and benefits of the app.

Video Transcription

Welcome to SpeakToYourMind
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Hello, I’m Mike from    

Welcome to the overview video for the best flashcard app for Windows® 10 - SpeakToYourMind.

This is the home screen. As you’ll see, SpeakToYourMind uses a hub design making it quick and easy to go back and forth between modules. 

On the left side is the navigator which contains the library, a color-coded outline. SpeakToYourMind automatically builds this outline to keep you organized.

The right side displays menu options depending on what you highlight in the library.

Let’s look at the screen where you can create your own flashcards.

Add, Edit and Delete Cards in This Deck Module

Adding your own flashcards is the beginning of the learning experience. Studies have shown that you retain more adding and working with your flashcards this way than if you just imported the flashcards into the app.

SpeakToYourMind has three modules for studying your flashcards. 

Study Manually Module

First, the Study Manually module lets you study at your own pace. To keep from getting bored, there are 18 different setting combinations for working with your flashcards, including utilizing the speech capabilities in Windows 10.

Learning by listening has been shown to be an effective learning technique for some.  

Study Automatically Module

Next, the Study Automatically module turns your flashcards into an automatic slideshow.

You can leave speech off and read your flashcards or turn speech on and have SpeakToYourMind read them to you. 

Create a Study On-The-Go Audio File Module

The third study module, Create a Study On-The-Go Audio File, helps you quickly create a custom mp3 so you can listen to your flashcards anywhere you can play an mp3. And it integrates with iTunes®, so you can automatically add your mp3s to iTunes and create personalized playlists.

The last two SpeakToYourMind modules test your knowledge of your flashcards. 

Perform a Self-Assessment Module

First, the Perform a Self-Assessment module. Performing self-assessments with your flashcards quickly identifies what you think you know versus what you actually know. 

The results provide immediate feedback to you by automatically sorting your flashcards into ten confidence categories.

The results guide you on which flashcards you need to study. 

Random Test Module

The Random Test module simulates a test environment. You can choose how many flashcards to include in a test and take as many random tests as you’d like.

You can track your results from test to test, so you’ll know when you’re prepared. 

Studies have found that students that take short tests recall significantly more of the material compared with students who do not, and that taking a test is more effective than an extra hour or so of study. 

Even with just a few minutes, you can create and take a short random test. 

Help Screen

Finally, remember that help is always available in any module simply by pressing the F1 key.

That’s our overview. 

Keep in mind these are just some of the highlights of SpeakToYourMind, so remember our no obligation 14-day free trial. 

Try the app yourself and experience just how effective it can be helping you memorize your flashcards. 

From all of us here at SpeakToYourMind, good luck with your studies and thanks for watching.