Summer Reading Gives You a Competitive Edge in the Fall

Maybe You Want a Break from Reading

"reading supports all learning" North Lake County Public Library Polson, Montana

"reading supports all learning"
North Lake County Public Library
Polson, Montana

As the current school year finishes up, you may be excited about summer vacation and having time off from school and the mandatory reading that goes along with taking classes. It’s understandable to be looking forward to the change of pace from being a dedicated student day in, day out to being a free spirit soaking up the warm summer sun.

Recharging your batteries over the summer can be beneficial. That is true. Summer can rejuvenate you and give you a fresh positive outlook as the fall school year begins. But guess what else is true? 

Summer Reading Keeps You Far Ahead of Your Classmates

According to the U.S. Department of Education, reading over the summer makes a big difference in your academic performance as you return to school and begin your fall classes. Research shows if you keep reading during the summer:

  • You’ll jump ahead of your fellow students who don’t read over the summer
  • You’ll keep your reading skills sharp
  • You’ll be more prepared to tackle your new reading assignments as the school year begins

Your reading might include deep-diving into concepts you need to understand better, exploring new topics you’re interested in, or catching-up on content you previously set aside because of lack of time.

Fun and Enjoyable – Yes, Summer Reading Can Be Both

Find your own relaxing spots where you enjoy reading! You can read anywhere - at home, in the park, at the coffee shop, while camping, at the beach, and of course, at the library.

Looking for fun summer reading ideas?

  • Ask your family, friends, coworkers, and teachers for suggestions
  • Check out 2016 summer reading lists published on the web, in newspapers and magazines, and on podcasts by schools, famous people, and organizations (past summer’s lists are good for ideas too)
  • Visit bookstores, garage sales, and your local library. You can even ask the librarian to help you find “one of the classics” to read. After all, they are called “classics” for a reason

Turn The Page for Summer Reading

If your goal is to prevent learning loss over the summer, keep your reading skills in tip-top shape, and be prepared for the academic challenges coming your way in the fall, start reading now. You’ll be happy you did when you hear the words “Here’s your next reading assignment”!