Here are some frequently asked questions you might find helpful. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.


Q. What is SpeakToYourMind?
A. SpeakToYourMind is a self-study flashcard program. It's a traditional Windows desktop software program that runs under Windows 10.

Q. Who is SpeakToYourMind for?
A. It's for you if you want to learn or memorize anything that you can be write into a question and answer flashcard.

Q. Is SpeakToYourMind easy to use?
A. Yes. It sure is! It's been built from the ground up to be simple to learn and super easy to use, while still being an effective learning tool.

Using SpeakToYourMind

Q. How much content can I put into my library?
A. A lot! Your library can contain up to 50 terms, 100 courses, and 5,000 decks.

Q. How many cards can each deck contain?
A. Each deck can have up to 50 cards. That's fairly large, but still manageable. If your use all 5,000 decks, your library can have up to 250,000 flashcards!

Q. How long can each flashcard question or answer be?
A. Each question or answer can contain up to 7 lines of text. This lets you create pretty long questions and answers, while keeping true to the core idea of bite-sized chunks of content.

Q. I don't currently have iTunes on my computer. Where can I get iTunes?
A. You can download iTunes for free from the Apple website. Here's the link to go directly to the iTunes for Windows download page: You can also get the iTunes for Windows App for free from the Microsoft Store. Open the Microsoft Store and search for iTunes to locate the App. Note: In order to use the iTunes for Windows App, you must be running SpeakToYourMind version 7.1.4 or greater.

Q. Does SpeakToYourMind have built-in help?
A. Yes. Context sensitive help is available from every screen simply by pressing the F1 key. Anytime you need some guidance, you'll find basic explanations, quick guides, and helpful things to remember at your fingertips.

Free Trial

Q. Why should I try the free trial of SpeakToYourMind?
A. We give you the free trial so you can test drive all the features, while experiencing the benefits, this powerful flashcard learning tool offers you. Try before you buy with no risk or obligation.

Q. Does the free trial come with a quick start guide and sample flashcards?
A. Yes. it comes with both so getting started is simple. 

Q. How do I remove the free trial restrictions?
A. It's easy. Go to the Buy Now page and securely buy a license to get your product key. Enter your product key into the program and the restrictions are instantly removed.

Q. What happens to my terms, courses, decks, and cards I enter during the free trial period?
A. Any content in the program at the time you enter your product key to convert the trial version to a full version will still be available to you.

System Requirements / Installation

Q. What are the system requirements for SpeakToYourMind?
A. Good news. If you're computer is running Windows 10, you probably have everything you need. For more information, see the System Requirements section on the free trial page.

Q. Is an internet connection required?
A. Yes and no. An internet connection is required to download the free trial, buy your license, receive your product key, activate the program, and check for program updates. Otherwise, once you're up and running, no internet connection is required to use SpeakToYourMind.

Q. Is there a Mac version?
A. Right now the program is for Windows only. There is not currently a Mac version, but if this is something you would like to see in the future, please contact us and let us know.

Q. Can SpeakToYourMind be installed on a network?
A. No. SpeakToYourMind is built to be installed as a standalone desktop application under Windows 10.


Q. Can SpeakToYourMind be activated in a virtual machine?
A. No. SpeakToYourMind cannot be activated while running in a virtual machine.

Q. I'm trying to activate SpeakToYourMind on my tablet. When I'm using the screen keyboard, the keyboard covers the text box where I need to enter the product key. How do I enter my product key in this situation?
A. Try rotating your tablet into portrait mode before entering your product key. In portrait mode, you should have enough screen space to display both the product key text box and the keyboard at the same time.