Microlearning is a way of learning small amounts of content in short amounts of time.

student taking advantage of short amount of time to study flashcards using his laptop
commuter listening to mp3 flashcard audio file


Short amounts of time = Micromoments

Microlearning continues to be a popular learning trend because it's just plain convenient.

The convenience of microlearning is based on the concept of using short amounts of time to study small amounts of content. 

You may find it convenient to fit short micromoments for learning into your busy daily schedule.

With SpeakToYourMind, you can create your own convenient learning micromoments.




Small amounts of content = Microcontent

Microlearning is also popular because it uses small amounts of content which makes studying more manageable.

Studying microcontent lets you stay more focused and feel more in control during your learning interactions.

Flashcards are excellent examples of microcontent. 

SpeakToYourMind gives you complete control over managing how many flashcards you choose to study. 

microlearning helps you stay more focused and in control by limiting your studying to small numbers of digital flashcards

Micromoments + Microcontent = Microlearning

Microlearning + SpeakToYourMind = Opportunities

Check out these microlearning opportunities you can create using SpeakToYourMind

microlearning capabilities are built into the speaktoyourmind flashcard app. Memorizing flashcards using microlearning creates new studying opportunities.
microlearning using study manually

You arrive for class ten minutes early. Instead of frittering away the time, you take advantage of the time before class starts to review a handful of flashcards.

microlearning digital flashcard slideshow

You're cooking dinner. Realizing you can accomplish two things at one time, you start an automatic slideshow and listen to your flashcards until dinner is ready. 

Metacognition microlearning example using flashcards

You're learning the 50 U.S. State Capitals. Some you really know, some are giving you trouble. You decide to focus your study efforts on the two categories containing 14 flashcards that are giving you the greatest trouble.

flashcard random test microlearning example

You think your instructor is going to give you a pop-quiz tomorrow. You quickly create and take a 10 question random test and review your results. Within minutes, you know how prepared you are.

flashcard mp3 mobile learning example

You're leaving home in the morning and it's going to be a busy day. You create a flashcard mp3 and put it on your mp3 player that you take with you. During the day, you take advantage of short amounts of time that would otherwise be wasted to listen to your flashcards.


Success is the sum of small efforts - repeated day in and day out
— Robert Collier, Author

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