Create, consume, and conquer your content.


Your home screen

One central hub for easily interacting with your content


The first and last screen you'll see each time you enter and exit SpeakToYourMind is the home screen. It's the easy-to-use gateway to all interactions with your content.

All of your content is contained in an organized outline called the library. The library is fast and easy to navigate, so finding and selecting the content you want to interact with is a breeze.

Once you select the content from your library, the specific options for interacting with the selected content automatically appear, making it simple to choose the option you want to use.

The home screen gives you an easy way to interact with your content. It all begins here.


Your library

To study efficiently, you need organized study materials

As you add your content, SpeakToYourMind automatically organizes your content into a structured outline called the library. 

The library is organized into three levels called terms, courses, and decks.

  • Terms are added to the library
  • Courses are added to terms
  • Decks are added to courses

Your flashcards are added to decks.

Each library level is color-coded and named by you so finding your content is quick.

As you progress in your academic journey, your library grows into a trusted study tool by becoming a reliable reference library for studying now and refreshing your memory in the future.


Your flashcards

Question: Is creating my content simple?
Answer: Yes 


In SpeakToYourMind, the Add, Edit, and Delete flashcard module is optimized to reduce your time and effort.

You'll find the flashcard module simple to use and highly responsive as you create your flashcards and see immediate feedback of your content changes.

The thoughtful design provides lots of glanceable information and lets you swiftly navigate, rearrange, and search your flashcards.

You can create your content in a flash.



Easy. Effective. Entertaining.


SpeakToYourMind has three study modules so you're sure to find multiple ways to keep your study sessions interesting as you benefit from the proven built-in learning techniques to help you achieve your learning goals.


1. Study Manually

Study Manually lets you study at your own pace by manually navigating forward and backwards through your flashcards as many times as you want.

You can customize how the flashcards are presented using 18 option combinations:

  • Order your flashcards 3 different ways
  • Display your flashcards 3 different ways
  • Turn text-to-speech on or off

2. Study Automatically

Study Automatically lets you quickly create an automatic slideshow of your flashcards for studying.

Like with Study Manually, you can customize how the flashcards are presented using 18 option combinations. Additionally, you can:

  • Just watch your slideshow
  • Just listen to your slideshow
  • Watch and listen to your slideshow

3. Create a Study On-The-Go Audio File

Create a Study On-The-Go Audio File makes it amazingly easy to quickly create your own custom mp3s of your flashcards.

You can customize your mp3s using these available settings:

  • Which flashcards to include? 
  • How to order the flashcards? 
  • How will the flashcards be spoken? 
  • Which text-to-speech voice will read the flashcards? 
  • Will the mp3 be automatically added to iTunes? If so, which personalized playlist to use?

With mp3 files, you can optimize your study time using microlearning and mobile learning opportunities. 

Simple to create. Fun to listen to.


Perform a Self-Assessment

Be confident. Be correct. Your goal is to be both.

The Perform a Self-Assessment module implements the learning technique called confidence based learning, which measures the quality of your knowledge in the content you are studying. 

For a given question, this learning technique measures two items:

  1. Your confidence in your answer
  2. The correctness of your answer 

The combination of these two measurements provides results that accurately identify what you think you know vs. what you actually know. 

Your results are automatically sorted into 10 confidence categories providing precise feedback on your current knowledge of your flashcards. 

With just a glance, the precise feedback helps you know where to best focus your study time.

You can perform an unlimited number of self-assessments.


Take a Random Test

Know you are prepared


The Take a Random Test module is based on the effective learning technique called practice testing.

Practice testing helps you remember your content longer and is almost always more effective than spending additional time studying.

SpeakToYourMind lets you take an unlimited number of practice tests.

You'll test yourself on your flashcards and upon finishing, your score is immediately available. By tracking your progress from test-to-test using the handy test results list, you'll take the guesswork out of knowing if you are prepared. 

Answers to your questions


SpeakToYourMind comes complete with built-in context sensitive help. Help is available from every screen simply by pressing the F1 key.

Anytime you need some guidance, you'll also find help includes basic explanations, quick guides, and helpful things to remember.

We've tried to make it easy to find an answer if you have a question.

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