SpeakToYourMind uses text-to-speech and mp3 capabilities built into Windows 10 so you can listen to your flashcards. Listening is a powerful learning technique. Are you listening to learn?



Study Manually

Look, Listen, and Learn

In the Study Manually module, you can turn speech on so as the question and answer text is displayed, the text is also spoken.

As you interactively work through your flashcards, you use your visual sense to read the text and your auditory sense to listen to the text.

The combination of reading and listening is a beneficial memorization tool, especially if your strength is learning by listening.

Visual + Auditory = Stronger Together

Study Automatically

Create your own talking slideshow

In the Study Automatically module, you can quickly create a slideshow of your flashcards for studying.

Flashcards are automatically displayed one after another without any required interaction from you.

If you turn on the speech option, the question and answer text is also spoken during the slideshow.

All you have to do ... is listen


Create a Study On-The-Go Audio File

Listen to your flashcards using custom made mp3s

In the Create a Study On-The-Go Audio File module, it's amazingly easy to create your own flashcard mp3s.

Available settings let you specifically target the content relevant to you, as well as control the presentation of that content, when creating your personalized mp3s.

You can also automatically add your mp3s to iTunes using your own personalized playlists.

Flashcard mp3s let you study whenever and wherever it's convenient for you.

You're the DJ

I remind myself every morning: Nothing I say this day will teach me anything. So if I’m going to learn, I must do it by listening.
— Larry King, Radio and tv host

Text-to-speech Voices

No need to buy additional voices


SpeakToYourMind converts text into speech using the Microsoft English voices included in Windows 10. You can choose from two available voices, David or Zira.

So if you are running Windows 10, you have everything you need to use the text-to-speech capabilities in SpeakToYourMind.


Listen to the sample mp3s


Here are two sample mp3s created using the Microsoft voices and the available settings in the Create a Study On-The-Go Audio File module. Each sample is less than one minute long.

windows 10 text-to-speech voice david speaks your digital flashcards
windows 10 text-to-speech voice zira speaks your digital flashcards

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Talking flashcards are a powerful way to learn.