Your time is valuable. SpeakToYourMind flashcard software is thoughtfully designed to be easy for you to learn and use, right down to the smallest detail, so you can spend your study time learning the content you want to master.


An organized mind begins with an organized library

digital flash cards stay organized in the speaktoyourmind flashcard app

As you add your content, SpeakToYourMind automatically organizes your content into a structured outline called the library. 

The library is organized into three levels called terms, courses, and decks. Each library level is color-coded and named by you so finding your content is quick.

 Keeping track of the content you want to learn is a snap!

Creating your flashcards is simple and swift

  1. Click to add a new flashcard to a deck
  2. Enter your question and answer content by typing or copying/pasting
  3. Click to save

It’s that fast.

Create your own flashcards

You've got options

Option to change the order of your flashcards

SpeakToYourMind provides you with many built-in options for studying your flashcards.

But, no worries. Changing options is quick and easy.

By exploring the available options, you're sure to find a variety of ways to keep your study sessions effective and engaging.


Glanceable information requires minimal attention


SpeakToYourMind is designed to limit distractions to help keep your attention on the content you are studying.

When additional information is displayed, it's presented as glanceable information.  

Sometimes it's the things that don't get your attention that are helpful.

Flashcard settings are displayed in an easy to understand way

Overall, a friendly user interface


A highly efficient hub design makes it easy to go back and forth between modules.

The consistent user interface design results in a common look and feel in all of the modules. 

Each module is optimized to minimize your time and effort as you interact with your content.

Highly responsive modules provide immediate feedback of your content changes and study results.

Anytime you need some guidance, context sensitive help is available from every screen simply by pressing the F1 key.

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